Private Skate Lessons

Learn to skateboard in a fun & safe environment!

We offer private skate lessons for females of all ages. These lessons are a valuable way to experience skateboarding in a supportive, fun, and safe environment.

We focus on the fundamentals of skateboarding including: balance (on and off the board), proper weight distribution, proper kicking/pushing/foot placement, and getting comfortable with kick turns so you have a solid foundation to take skateboarding to whatever level you want. Intermediate lessons are available as well where the focus is on learning basic tricks and finessing skills.

Once you have secured your appointment you will receive a confirmation. Please Venmo “Kateboards” at least one day before the lesson. Lessons are $45/hr. All proceeds from lessons go directly to the funding of Kateboards. If you do not see a day/time on the calendar that coincides with your schedule please reach out and I will do my best to accommodate an alternate time.

We learn and experience so much through skateboarding: being present, balance, agility, persistence, resilience, camaraderie, joy, freedom, self-expression, individuality, community, friendships, etc. When we skateboard we have to be aware of ourselves + our surroundings, we have to be focused + committed. Our focus with these lessons and with Kateboards specifically is on you harnessing the courage it takes to get involved in skateboarding and applying the confidence gained from the sport to other areas of your life.

My goal is to have you leave the lesson with a smile on your face and feeling more confident in your skateboarding abilities.

So looking forward to skating with you - please reach out with any questions you may have!

*Please make sure you bring your helmet & pads. If you need a board please email

Thank you!